Saturday, 3 April 2010

Facebook Chat.

Can you imagine life without facebook? I can’t.
“Hi, I’m Laura…”
“What’s your surname..Facebook search!!!”
This greeting in 2010 life is hardly uncommon.
Recently my friend informed me that she was leaving the Facebook world as she gets jealous of other peoples photos, (my life is cooler than yours kind of thing).
There are different types of Facebookees with different trends, let us examine:
1. The girl who takes 200 photos of drunken nights out’SOOOO drunk’. This trend is common amongst university Freshers. Obviously there will be some reference to not remembering anything.
2. The girl who takes really posey photos. Cringe at times.
3. The people who use facebook to show off, (I know we all do this but some more than others) for example after a holiday in the Seychelles uploading 200 photos of the five star Hotel. The problem is, even when you see them, you can’t really admit to viewing them so still have to listen to them droning on about their ‘incredible’ holiday. I don’t really know why I need to ask how it was, I have seen on facebook how it was. Literally. Once my friend was a little more honest. After being away for the weekend I was explaining how it snowed a lot and she replied ‘yes I know, saw the facebook photos'. Right then. Who needs to talk when we can simply examine other people’s life on facebook? Silence it is.

Recently, I was told to dance like I thought I was Halle Berry. I did. The next day Facebook reminded me how very wrong I was. That is the thing about facebook, you have to be ready to detag hideous photos that may be tagged of you at any moment. A few months ago, I had no facebook contact for days and a friends sister decided to tag me in hideous photos of years ago. Gosh, it might get to a time where I can’t leave the room due to fear of photos of me being sprawled over facebook resembling an unfashionable dishcloth.

It has its uses. I mean who doesn’t stalk potential boy suitors? But also its downfalls, when you see photos of the same boys with girls who can hardly be classed in the unattractive bin.
Love it or Hate it, Facebook is about as addictive as coke. Diet coke that is.